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Wholly committed to something, as to an ideal, political cause, or personal goal:  a dedicated raider.

An increasing number of players reject both the Casual and Hardcore stereotypes and look for a middle ground between "too little" and "too much". Dedicated players often play every day and frequently raid, but not on the rigorous schedule of Hardcore guilds.
Dedicated players are often people who have played games their entire lives and now dedicate most of their gaming time to World of Warcraft, but have learned to balance a full gaming schedule and real life.

Risen from the Ashes is a Dedicated Raiding Alliance on the US server, Thorium Brotherhood.

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It's Been a Long Good Run...

by Ethelgrey, 2090 days ago

These last 4 years of MMO gaming (all WoW) have been great, but I can never manage to accomplish the role of the "casual" gamer. When I play, it's all or nothing and well...it's time to move on with my life.

Real life caused me to not play WoW for about 14 days, during which the whole Seraphim drama happened. Amazingly, I found myself not missing the game one bit. I miss the people, but definitely not the game or time spent.

I may or may not be back, but not for a long while at least. In light of this, I hereby resign as raid leader, officer, and member of RFtA.

If you want to find me, here's how:

(404) 403-2483

Best of luck to you, my friends!

- Ethelgrey

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Welcome to Risen from the Ashes!

by Andalia, 2559 days ago

I would like to welcome you to the website for Risen from the Ashes.

Risen from the Ashes is a Dedicated Raiding Alliance on the US server, Thorium Brotherhood. By Dedicated, we do not enforce class builds or demand daily raid attendance. However, on raids we expect members to be focused and dedicated to success.

You do not need to leave your current guild to join Risen from the Ashes. We encourage members of smaller guilds to unite with us to challenge end game content. The only commitment we ask is your time. To join the alliance you must fill out an application on the website and register for our forums. After a two week probationary period, you will become a fully vested member of the alliance.

Please feel free to browse our forums and take a look at our raiding schedule. You can find links to our charter, rules, and DKP system in the column to your left. Please keep in mind we are a new alliance, and as such, this site and all it contents are still under construction.

Again, welcome to Risen from the Ashes! We look forward to seeing you in game.

~Andalia Duskwhisper
Field Commander, Risen from the Ashes

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